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Arguably the most sensitive practice area, family law involves complex cases and stressed out clients with heightened emotions. It takes a skilled lawyer to find a solution that best benefits his or her clients while also ensuring the best possible future for children and other family members. If you work with the Law Offices of Bernadette A. Smith, P.C., you’ll receive compassionate support. We understand the stress and sadness you’re experiencing, but we also have repeatedly witnessed the relief that quality counsel can deliver.


Divorce is a heart-wrenching process in the best of circumstances. Our clients often face difficult decisions, but they can at least lighten the burden with our help. We assist our clients with the initial filing process and all paperwork that follows. We explain the law, talk strategy with clients the entire way, and tailor our practice to best meet their unique needs.

Custody and Visitation

Money may be at the center of many divorce disputes, but custody and visitation battles tend to be the most contentious. This is only understandable; ex-spouses or life partners want the best for their children, and in some cases, the best may mean limited access to irresponsible parents. No matter the nature of your custody and visitation battles, you can count on us for assertive representation. We will help you arrive at a resolution that ensures a bright future for your children.

Property Division, Maintenance, and Child Support

The financial aspects of family law can be exceedingly complex, especially if couples own extensive property or have major debts and have wildly different viewpoints on how it should be divided. We delve into these issues with great detail, offering perspectives that our clients may not otherwise consider.

How the Law Offices of Bernadette A. Smith, P.C. Can Help

No two family cases are alike, and what works well for one couple could prove disastrous for another. We offer personalized counsel and representation, targeted specifically at our unique clients. Whether you require pre-mediation counseling or more aggressive representation in court, we could play a critical role in your current legal matters.

There is no such thing as an easy family case. No matter your situation, you’re bound to run into unforeseen complications. With the Law Offices of Bernadette A. Smith, P.C. on your side, you can address these problems efficiently and effectively. We’re eager to help you with your family concerns; contact us today to learn more.

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