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All New York employees deserve to work fulfilling jobs in safe environments. Unfortunately, this is far from the reality for many who live and work in New York City. Far too many employees deal with workplace hostility every day. From blatant discrimination to threats of retaliation, the workplace can present challenges far beyond what employees should expect in their chosen profession.

Thankfully, New York’s beleaguered employees enjoy numerous opportunities for legal recourse. When appropriately represented, they can hold problematic employers accountable, thereby making the workplace a safer and more harmonious place for themselves and countless other employees.

At the Law Offices of Bernadette A. Smith, P.C., we’re proud to represent the hardworking employees of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. Our efforts lead to both justice and better working conditions throughout this great city. The following are a few of the top employment matters we handle:


Discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation, age and other demographics remains an unfortunate reality in many workplace settings. From discomfort to outright fear, many employees suffer greatly on the job. If you’ve experienced workplace discrimination, you could make a difference alongside the Law Offices of Bernadette A. Smith, P.C. We have successfully represented employees from a diverse array of professions. We’re proud of our track record and determined to stand up for your rights as an employee.


Whistleblowers play an essential role: they alert the public to employers’ misdeeds. Unfortunately, many risk retaliation, with employers threatening to fire or dock the pay of those who reveal damaging information about their business practices or history of discrimination.

If you’ve experienced or been threatened with retaliation after acting as a whistleblower, don’t let your employer silence you. Now is the time to seek legal representation and fight for your rights as an employee. We’ll advocate assertively on your behalf, helping you achieve justice.

In both discrimination and retaliation cases, our typical goal is to achieve the best possible settlement in the interest of helping our clients avoid the complications of courtroom proceedings. However, we can and will take cases to court if necessary.

Don’t let employers get away with mistreating workers. Your willingness to hold problematic parties accountable could make a huge difference for others in your profession. Let us help you with your discrimination or retaliation case; you’ll be glad to have a top employment lawyer in your corner.

Tip:  Pay close attention to your performance reviews.  If you think you have been reviewed unfairly, talk to an experienced employment attorney.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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